Welcome to the Bakery

Beer Cake

Hi everyone, my name is Lucia.I was born in Italy and moved to Texas in 2008, and its been my second home ever since. I started out baking for friends and family for occasions like birthdays, but it soon became a passion and I found myself spending time experimenting and learning various methods of baking and decoration. I took classes under the guidance of a few remarkable teachers who helped me immensely to develop my skills at cake, cupcake and dessert decoration and without them my interest in baking wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

My inspiration to bake comes from the cakes and desserts I had as a kid growing up in a small Italian village. My aim is to use simple and healthy ingredients while still retaining a touch of the Italian tradition in each and every dessert. I hope with my baking I can truly deliver a quality product which is fresh, healthy and take you back for a moment to the mountains and valleys of Italy with its authentic taste.

I also enjoying volunteering for this association “Icing Smiles Texas” that provide free birthday cakes for kids with serious illness.